Evolutionary Martial Arts

more than a karate studio, we build character one day at a time.

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1588 S 2000 W #105
Syracuse, Utah
Mo – Th: 10am – 8pm
Fridays: 11am – 6pm
Saturdays: 10am – 12pm
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About Our Classes

Mini Ninjas

4-5 yrs old

Our Mini Ninja Program is structured to
teach students the basics to martial
arts in a fun energetic class setting.


Junior Samurai

6-8​ yrs old

Our Jr. Samurai Program teaches
students the basics of martial arts in a
fast paced exciting class setting.


Youth / Adult

9-17 yrs old

The youth/adult program is built for students to develop strong martial arts skills as well as self confidence, focus, discipline and respect for others.

What students and parents say:
My wife and I have always felt that keeping kids engaged in activities and sports is a good way to keep them out of trouble. It was with this in mind we enrolled our son Kohlter in karate at the age of 3.5.

Not only was it successful in keeping him active, but it also taught him discipline and how to set and achieve goals. He received his black belt at age 11 and his second degree at 14. He also developed self-esteem and confidence.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the great young man he has become. When it can time for his little brother to find a sport it was an easy decision to choose Evolutionary Martial Arts and I decided to join with him. My wife and I already see our youngest progressing through belt tests and growing with each challenge. Both boys and I look forward to the time spent at Evolutionary Martial Arts

Stricklan Family

Meet our Leaders

Jeff Price


Josh Durbin


Jenna Price

Evolutionary Martial Arts
1588 South 2000 West #105
Syracuse, Utah